Success StoriesAir Canada


Air Canada selected XPlore by PXCom to be deployed across the IFE system of its new Boeing 737 MAX fleet in order to avail of an end-to-end solution for its corporate and destination services sections.


Air Canada approached PXCom requiring and full end-to-end solution for its corporate and destination services sections to be deployed across the Boeing 737 MAX fleet. It has been vital for the solution to be seamlessly integrated into the IFE software with the aim to enable Air Canada’s CSP to create and upload the entire content set. Moreover, the airline required the solution to provide its passengers with digital features such as call-to-action for activity booking and social network sharing. Last but not least, Air Canada required a highly flexible advertising platform that would enable the airline’s advertising partners to seamlessly add new editorial templates, sections and other content featured on board.

Solution deployed

PXCom introduced Air Canada to its leading XPlore platform in order to meet the airline’s comprehensive set of expectations. XPlore by PXCom accommodated all requirements listed by Air Canada, helping the airline to avail of a full end-to-end solution, as expected. PXCom allows for seamless integration by any CSP of the airline’s choice, enabling to create an upload all the necessary content on board the aircraft for the passengers to enjoy, including a call-to-action functionality and native advertising technology linked to a single back office access.


XPlore by PXCom has met and exceeded Air Canada’s requirements for this project. Airline’s passengers can now avail of multiple destination service listings which have been complemented by a call-to-action feature provided by PXCom. Air Canada has been empowered to take advantage of seamless integration of the platform which is currently maintained by the CSP of its choice. Furthermore, the airline capitalizes on native advertising introduced by PXCom. Lastly, upon the completion of the project, Air Canada awarded PXCom with the task of developing the corporate section of its website.