Whilst current pandemic has dramatic consequences on your daily operations, there is merely no doubt that it will also change the passengers’ expectations and behaviors when they will resume their travel habits.

Needless saying that face masks, gloves and extra care of the cleaning routines will probably become the standard. Beyond that, one can easily imagine that inflight magazine, food & drink menus as well as seatback screens and PCUs will become less popular to the benefit of personal device.

The good news is that the technology is ready!

Pairing the seatback IFE to the PED is becoming a standard among the IFE manufacturers, inflight magazine can be turned into an inflight webzine experience, food & beverage as well as onboard duty-free catalog can easily be digitized to provide a seamless purchasing experience.

No power? No IFE!

As PED-based inflight experience is set to become a passenger sought-after, the first step is undoubtedly to consider the in-seat power for 2-hour+ flight.Here again, the manufacturers now offer monetizable in-seat power solutions.

What about the content?

As the physical impacts need to be managed, the psychological entailment must also be addressed. There are few doubts the passengers’ stress level will be higher especially during the reopening early stages. To help your passengers, don’t hesitate to include in your content offering wellbeing content: calm & relax videos, respiratory function improvement, meditation…

There are still many unknowns and economic uncertainties at this stage but we believe that strong competition opportunities will quickly arise for the “day after” and therefore consider as our mission to support our customers in looking forward, providing ROI-based solutions meeting your customers’ expectations.