PXCom is proud to contribute to LOT Polish’ long-haul passenger experience. We have been selected to integrate 3 apps on their Thales Avant IFE platform: Destination Section, Corporate Section and Meals Menus.

PXCom is well known for its cutting edge technology, creating new sections on the legacy seatbacks IFE, simplifying the digital content management process and its related cost, whilst delivering a web-like user passengers experience.
As for all PXCom project, PXCom has fully customized the apps’ GUI to deliver a full UX consistency throughout the entire IFE.

Interactive Destination Guides

PXCom and Arrival Guides (A Lonely Planet Company) have partnered to provide LOT Polish Passengers with engaging destination content, covering 100% of the company’s growing network of B787-operated destinations.
Passengers will find all the destination top activities, restaurants/cafes/bars and shopping points of interest that will enlighten their journey.

Corporate Section

LOT has chosen to rely on PXCom technology to manage all the corporate branding on their IFE. Thank to the offered flexibility, such section can now be managed like a website, by publishing news in a couple of clicks. Since all the contents are already produced by the airline for web and mobile purpose, LOT Polish’ corporate section is “just” a new added distribution channel, leveraging a captive touchpoint.

Meals Menus

PXCom technology can also be used to manage the onboard meals menus presentation. Segmented by seatclass and route, passengers will be soon able to discover the meals options for their flight. Beyond all the storytelling that can be done around meals and beverage, it is also a good opportunity for the airline to get rid of the printed menus management.