ATR, the leading regional aircraft manufacturer, unveils at Dubai Airshow 2019 two new features on its onboard wireless IFE solution:

  • Aircraft 360° visit
  • interactive Quizz

Both developed by PXCom, those innovative solutions bringing significant value to the airline branding strategy, have been implemented on ATR selected w-IFE, CabinStream from Amphenol/Phitek.

Immersive experience onboard

Airlines invest to produce immersive experiences of their premium classes, new aircraft interiors, new lounges… that they integrate in their on-the-ground communication strategy. PXCom’ 360° player for IFE platforms seamlessly enables airlines to extend the ROI of such investment to in the #inflight touchpoint with their passengers, one of the most engaging throughout the journey.

Onboard live events

iQuizz provides airlines with a software tool to create in a couple of clicks an interactive quiz that can be launched by the cabin crew and “played” onboard by the passengers.

Dedicated to create inflight events, iQuizz can also be used by brands willing to organize inflight promotional operations, generating ancillary revenues for the airlines.