Having great content is mandatory both to meet your passengers’ expectations and to keep them engaged on your platform and hence drive ancillary revenues.
But, when it comes to wireless-IFE or IFC, your beloved passenger must know such offer lays just at their fingertips, otherwise your take up rate (connection rate) will be so low that you’ll miss both your targets, and ruin your project P&L.
There are really many touchpoints that are as many levers to boost your audience. Our consultants have listed at least 14 that are highly recommended. You’ll find in this article the 5 you must not miss.

The Ticket Booking Zone

Both on your website and mobile app, make sure you mention your onboard offering. Here again, throughout the booking path you can identify several touchpoints. The most effective will be a “Thank you” popup that will display when the ticket booking is completed, and which is an ideal space to inform your passenger about your awesome inflight digital service.

Travel Documents & Boarding passes

Here again don’t forget to keep your passengers informed. You can even add popup displays at the airport check-in counters. Stickers or digital popups on your airport machines (check in, self-bag drop…) are also welcome.

Boarding Gate

How about adding a popup display in the boarding zone? It’s also a good place to promote latest content onboard that passengers will be able to enjoy, and/or start explaining the connection process, and promoting your in-seat power if any is available on board.

Your Cabin Crew

Your cabin crew is your most personalized touch point. They have the passenger’s attention. Involve them at the very beginning of your w-IFE/IFC project, train them to connect and explain how to connect. A public address is also important to remind your passengers about this service

Cabin and/or Tray-Table Graphics

We kept this touch point at the end, since it is the most important, if not the mandatory one. Our partners have noticed a +600% increase of their take up rate thanks to tray table placards. In few words, you remind about the service and explain how to connect. And the good news is that such placard can be also a good support for advertising, so you can even get money out of them! Ask your media sales agency ?