Past the Covid19 crisis, you will need to focus even more on finding ways to maximize ROI on all your projects, while ensuring the best passenger experience on board.
With limited resources what are the best ways to find correct tools assisting you in providing better level of services and managing effectively your IFE?

Three pillars for a secured ROI

There are three main ways to obtain the best ROI: Triggering direct monetization, generating indirect monetization and minimizing costs.

To reach the direct monetization,

you can tap on both inflight digital advertising, creating valuable adspaces managed by a state-of-the-art ad-server integrated into your platforms, and by leveraging onboard sales. For those latter, you can easily create and manage a digital snacking & duty free catalog therefore engaging your passengers by proposing them to buy directly through their dedicated portal. You can even organize inflight shopping experiences with home delivery. Such onboard shopping experience also optimize the cabin crew sales period freeing them for more customer care actions.

The indirect monetization

is more likely bound to loyalty enhancement. Many levers can be relied on: you can use your IFE platforms to dramatically enhance your brand experience through a comprehensive and engaging about us section that will trigger FFP applications, but you can also offer your passengers additional services such as: in-destination services, connections info, destination guides and transportation services…

When it comes to cost savings,

the proper gathering of analytics and tools for managing effectively content organization are ways of effectively reducing the costs of your IFE. You need to know exactly what your passengers are interested in and accordingly adapt your content; therefore limit all unused and unnecessary content. Should you want to increase significantly operational cost reduction, you also can rely on your platform to create additional services targeted to your own crew: live onboard sales stock management to reduce catering operations, inflight maintenance reports generation to reduce ground maintenance ops…beyond pure entertainment there are many solutions to turn your entertainment platform into a monetizable inflight services unit.

While ROI remains the never ending challenge faced by every company around the globe, passed COVID-19 will be a very critical phase.

In those peculiar times of major financial impact, we understand customers’ needs for ancillary revenue generation as well as cost savings and therefore have designed our solutions to achieve those mandatory targets together.