Success StoriesTarom


TAROM selected XPlore by PXCom to enhance its passengers’ experience and open new ancillary revenue streams across its fleet.


Tarom approached PXCom with a requirement to deploy a full inflight advertising solution with the aim to capitalize on its inflight ancillary revenue generation potential. Furthermore, the airline required a compelling destinations services section to be features in its onboard entertainment.

Solution Deployed

PXCom has provided its system-agnostic and unrivalled XPlore solution containing a wide variety of destination services listings which can be accessed by Tarom’s passengers in-flight. XPlore by PXCom allows the airline to further enhance its passengers experience while opening new ancillary revenue streams. The content covering all routes operated by Tarom has been sourced and provided by PXCom. Moreover, the solution allows the airline to avail of full consistency in the GUI integration and unmatched flexibility and autonomy in its advertising campaign creation and management.


XPlore by PXCom met and exceeded Tarom’s expectations, allowing the airline to discover new ancillary revenue streams, further enhance its onboard experience and get the most of its inflight entertainment system. Thanks to XPlore’s flexibility, it will be possible to introduce further functionalities and features in the ad-serving solution and destination services section on Tarom’s request.

The customer’s feedback

“PXCom solution represents a great experience for passengers and an added value to TAROM’s image and services. Destination guide provides comprehensive informations for pax, but also is a space where hotels, bars & restaurants, travel agencies, etc, can be promoted. By having the ad-server “behind” the scenes, makes our work very easy”