Promoting holidays and travel tourism is obviously easy: Put some pictures of the most beautiful beaches around the world together with summerish cocktails decorated with small umbrellas and voila!
This article presents the non-exhaustive list of brands that have played a different card through smart product placements, humor and Story-Telling. These campaigns have one thing in common: They went beyong usual codes related to travel and holidays.

5 – Oldie but goodie: Louis Vuitton “L’invitation au voyage”

4- Airbnb : “Love is Welcome Here”

During the Pride month, Airbnb has launched a powerful campaign regarding travel of LGBT couples and its specificities. His slogan could not be more poignant “We look forward to a world where all love is welcome”

3- British Airways “Seize the moment”

To create this campaign, British Airways worked with two bloggers that haven’t met before. Both editors have learned to know each other and have been challenged to plan a trip of 24 hours for each. Their adventures have been told on social networks and on their own blogs. British Airways relayed the underlying message of “Seizing the day” in an incredibly creative way.

2- WestJet and christmas miracles 

Who never wished of seeing the gift of his dreams magically appear? WestJet has made the wishes of some lucky passengers come true during the Christmas period. Enjoy and let the magic shine.

1 – And our big winner is : Airbnb “Don’t go there. Live there.”

The Cali Start-up pulled off a masterstroke with this advertising that we could all enjoy on our screens this summer. Rather than talk about the quality of its apartments, Airbnb emphasized what most travelers are looking for: discover a city by living like the locals.

Do you have favorite travel ads? Feel free to share them in the comments below!