NXP Smart Tour for IoT stopped by Bordeaux yesterday. Our technical team was there!


The NXP smart tour day in ENSEIRB has been full of enlightment about IoT state of the art. The component manufacturer NXP, strengthened by its merge with Freescale proposes a large hardware and software ecosystem allowing a fast and efficient deployment of IoT devices. In addition with the presentation of their full offer and truck embedding more than 150 IoT demonstrations, speakers from 4Mod and UCARE have presented their hardware solutions embedding NXP components. We have seen a growing interest in making IoT networks safer with the integration of dedicated chips removing some computing cost from the MCUs. An extended exchange with AVNET Silica has confirmed this tendency. Directly linked to our core activity, the safety of data and networks seems to be a burning topic for industrials as well as users, especially when you’re talking about personal data.

The importance of IoT in #PaxEx

It’s all about personalization. In order to deliver the best passenger’s experience, airlines and other transportation companies struggle to introduce personalized answers at the right moment. The most important trigger has been the Google glasses last year, enpowering airport crews for smarter check-in experiences. We also curently witness IoT wide usage for luggage tracking throughout the journey.

In a near future for in-flight, for example, should a passenger be unusually nervous onboard, its wearable can inform the cabin crew thanks to an automatic connection to its InFlight Entertainment (IFE) platform, so that he is offered a relaxing VR session.

Another effective example comes from your smart-watch. Just imagine that you’re a frequent runner. Since it is stored in your watch, which automatically connects to your IFE, this latter can suggest the best jogging paths at destination, that you can even download them…sponsored by Nike or Reebok of course!

In those two simple examples, the airline can both leverage its #PaxEX and monetize this micro-moment…and there are so many onboard use cases!

To deliver such service level, a confidence climate has clearly to be established. Last surveys show that passengers are likely to share their personal data, but need to be ensured that it is done in a safe way, and for service personalization purpose.

IoT will dramatically enpower the future of #PaxEx. IFE Manufacturers are here to connect the dots, and PXCom to bring the service and monetize the experience!