A common belief among our airline customers is that to offer inflight entertainment on short & medium haul flights, it simply consists in onboarding a box with a bunch of movies and games, integrate advertisings and generate revenues. Ms. LORENIUS, VP Product & Services at Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) sums it up clearly: “Nothing is finished once you have the [platform] onboard an aircraft”.

Well, actually there are so many reasons why such a project can fail that the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach is a perfect fit. The key for a successful InFlight Service project is to consider all the related layers as a whole and push the project forward for each of them, step by step. In any case should one start with the bottom layer and then stack them.

When you consider such project, so many stakeholders are involved, within your company as well as through your partners and suppliers, that the cornerstone is a reliable and agile governance process that covers all the project stages, from product definition to users feedbacks (pax, cabin crew, maintenance teams…) and troubleshooting management.

When it comes to direct ancillary revenues generation (advertising and onboard sales), make sure to fulfill all the minimum requirements that will lead to a significant captive audience. Without that you cannot expect an optimized ROI on your project.

Regarding the services and content themselves, make sure you launch your project with the best fit according to your budget and expectations, and progressively enrich them, according to the generated ROI as well as to your IFS platform maturity.