Tourism is an amazing playground for innovators, since the emotional dimension has a big share in the customers’ mind. Our core business is the traveler. Hence we spend a lot of time in marketing intelligence and technological watch for our partners’ benefit.

You’ll find a handpicked selection of what we believe are the most valuable innovations for the tourism stakeholders, sorted accordingly to the stage of the travel: before the journey, during the transportation and once arrived at destination

3D and virtual reality: Buy what you experience

A couple of hotel chains and airlines have recently launched some tests enabling the customers to discover their offering from their seat. For the moment, it’s more about marketing buzz and brand awareness, as Emirates does when it features Nicole KIDMAN in a 3D experience to discover its new fisrt class.
3D and virtual reality in the tourism industry are breaking through with a bright sky ahead. Just imagine yourself entering a travel agency that enables you to have an immersive experience of the resort and destination you are interested in! No doubt that the conversion rates will dramatically increase.

Organize your journey during your flight

New inflight entertainment systems, seatback screens as well as bring- your-own-device platforms, provide the passengers with interactive destination guides, enabling them to select and storage the activities that will enlighten their journey, and also book skip the line tickets.
Beyond that, the rapid expansion of inflight connectivity opens the doors to a wide range of services: book your taxi, pre-check your hotel, book live performance tickets or sports events, benefit from a set of click& collect goods…

Beacons for immediate deals and services

Beacons are rapidly expanding in airports and destinations, as they can drive immediate engagement.

Passengers who stroll in airport duty free zone can be warned in real time about their boarding and time lead to the boarding gate.

Yet, your shop, whether you are located inside the airport or downtown, can rely on beacons in order to push special offers to passers-by on their mobile phone enabling them to benefit from a special offer, and engage them in entering your property. Keep in mind that the best conversion rates are reached in-house!

Smart cities create new touchpoints

“Smart City” is currently in the mouth of every DMO (Destination Management Organization). Beyond intelligent transportation infrastructure and other relevant topics, this also involves an important meshwork of wifi access points, just like NYC did recently.

The leading street furniture company JCDecaux provides cities with innovative concepts for digital services in urban environment. Among them the Concept-Bus Shelter and the Digital Harbour, designed to make the city easier for its inhabitants but also for the tourist. Beyond wifi access point, they offer dedicated spaces to promote your activity through new touchpoints with the tourist.

Surprise your customer with effective robots

Human contact is king. However, some hotel chains and airports are currently testing the introduction of robots for checking, baggage drop, information purpose or even as personal guide throughout the passageways

Once again these first trials are more marketing-driven experiments but they testify that there is an underlying trend in in disrupting the customer experience.

Let’s bet that your entertainment park or museum will be populated in a couple of years with these welcome & assistance-bots which also ensure some additional sales!

Innovation at every stage of the journey

This selection is obviously a tiny snapshot of new services or products directly intended for the tourism industry or not. The good news is that they are all designed to enhance the customer experience you want to deliver, while adding new touchpoints that you will integrate in your marketing strategy.