My reflex and the one of many people is to use our smartphones as soon as we can, and the rule does not escape during travels in France and abroad. So if I offer a small selection of the best applications for visiting Lyon, would you follow me? En route for the city of lights!

Application of the City of Lyon

The official application of the City of Lyon has everything a tourist needs : the list of activities to do and the sights to visit, the time of visit and of course the cultural agenda … Perfect for scheduling your trip !


Because i used it plenty of times and it helped me plan my trips, i need to speak about TCL. This app creates your itinerary and gives you information about next passages of your buses and subways. You will gain a lot of time and won’t have any excuses for being late.



Find your perfect parking space using the growing database of thousands of parking lots and garages in Lyon, street and metered parking and even private driveways !

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The American app Uber arrived in Lyon more than a year ago for to the delight of residents and tourists. Because being transported from point A to point B in a beautiful car and attractive price, a driver in suit and must of all : a small bottle of water offered ! This can’t be refused.

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PXCom interactive destination guides help you discover Lyon and even book your activities from your airplane seat and during your stay in Lyon aswell : Rooftops, museums, restaurants … you won’t miss anything from the city of lights !

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